LoRaWAN: facts about wireless technology

During building integrated IoT solutions, the question of wireless long-distance data transmission often arises, but there is a solution.

calendar 10 September 2021
INLIMITED at the ceremony HPE Awards Night 2020

We are sincerely grateful to Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Sophela for fruitful cooperation, recognition of our achievements and excellent organization of the event.

calendar 30 August 2021
TOP-3 tips for choosing body worn cameras

The use of body worn cameras in different scenarios provides many benefits for a number of industries: from law enforcement, private security and customs services to industrial enterprises, the healthcare and transport sectors.

calendar 06 July 2021
Speech analytics: employee control, customer understanding

With in-depth expertise in Natural Language Processing, we have developed Inlimited Audio Analytics solutions for service sector and contact centers.

calendar 29 June 2021
INLIMITED became a member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Contact Centers

With practical experience in creating technological solutions for audio and video analytics for customer service, our company seeks to strengthen the work of the Association’s Information Technology Committee.

calendar 10 June 2021
New IT solutions for transport and warehouse logistics

We will create for you an individual project to optimize a warehouse or logistics complex using advanced technologies, we will offer the necessary software and high-quality equipment.

calendar 17 May 2021