Adapting to change allows the IT community to find new opportunities

calendar16 June 2022

Usually in summer there is a season of interesting partnership events, conferences, active business meetings with colleagues and presentations of new products. We understand that this tradition will not be fully observed this year. So…

Friends, clients, partners, contractors, in this post we would like to thank all of you for working together productively and supporting Ukraine’s economy.

During the full-scale war, the Ukrainian system integration market declined, as did most industries, but the ability to adapt to change allows the IT community to find new opportunities, even in such challenging environments.

At INLIMITED, we continue to develop and implement comprehensive IT projects to ensure the security, digital transformation and automation of business processes of enterprises in various industries and fields of activity.

In parallel with infrastructure projects, the company focuses on developing its own developments:
Concept Inlimited Smart City – a set of technological solutions to ensure the security of the city and region, protection of critical infrastructure and effective communication with the public.
Inlimited Audio Analytics solution, which allows to improve the quality of customer service in trading halls, bank branches and contact centers, by recording appeals, speech to text, classification and analysis by topics, staff scripts, products, etc.

We are proud of the IT community work and believe that we are all approaching our Victory.

Glory to Ukraine! Peace to all of us!