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INLIMITED Analytical Business Solutions

Intelligent Analytical Technologies

INLIMITED analytics are professional business analytics solutions that provide a systematic approach to managing, finding, and processing corporate and public data. Solutions are based on advanced technologies: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data.


Analytical solutions for various tasks and areas

Every day, companies accumulate huge amounts of operational data, receive information about their consumers, their preferences, learn about counterparties, and so on. We offer analytics tools to maximize the use of large amounts of data to gain new perspectives and maximize impact.

– Speech analytics. Speech-to-text conversion and subsequent in-depth analysis can improve performance when working with large amounts of audio data, incl. voice messages.

– Video analytics. Intelligent video analysis in real time, allows you to identify programmed events and provides a prompt response to them, due to an automated alarming system.

– Information Field Monitoring. The solution allows you to receive consolidated information about the monitoring object from open data sources in one window. Sources of information are not only Internet media and official web portals, but also IP TV and radio channels, social networks, instant messengers. The main feature of the solution is the definition of both textual references to the monitoring object and audio-visual (face recognition, object and logos recognition, advertising blocks logos, etc.).


Organization of work with data

INLIMITED specialists will select a solution and create an individual project using advanced analytical technologies. Make an application through the website or call us by phone.