TOP-6 tech trends 2021

Trust, cybersecurity, ecology and artificial intelligence – what unites these concepts? – Security market development trends 2021.

calendar 04 February 2021
INLIMITED Solutions on the Milestone Marketplace

Separate systems with sets of programs are a thing of the past. Customers require unique technological solutions that can be integrated into a single platform. Go to the marketplace and read more about new technologies and services.

calendar 12 January 2021
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We wish you prosperity, new perspectives and interesting proposals. We are always ready to support you in all technological initiatives!

calendar 31 December 2020
Public opinion research – as a tool for city development

Have you noticed that many people have a habit of recording everything on a smartphone and immediately add content to their social media pages?

calendar 11 December 2020
Achieved Micro Focus Gold Partner status and new Cybersecurity Specialization

Learn more from Inlimited about technologies that can help you create a holistic security framework to detect, protect, respond and recover from cyber threats.

calendar 07 December 2020
We have confirmed the specialization – HPE Silver Hybrid IT Specialist

Certified specialists and pre-sale consultants of the company are always ready to provide assistance, both in choosing a solution and in its further installation, setup and maintenance.

calendar 23 November 2020