Infrastructure Solutions


INLIMITED Infrastructure Solutions

The hardware, software and technology of a modern company is a complex mechanism that ensures the functioning of an enterprise’s business processes and provides opportunities for scaling and development.
The creation and organization of an IT infrastructure is a complex task that requires highly qualified specialists and experience in building IT infrastructures, which is why, today, most companies prefer to outsource this work.
Our company offers a full range of IT services, therefore, we can perform work from audit and building IT infrastructure to maintenance and modernization.


– Pre-project inspection of the facility

This stage consists of analyzing the state of the existing infrastructure, technical audit of the facility, monitoring work processes and other works to determine the possibilities of using the resources of the existing engineering infrastructure, understanding the potential for integration with corporate systems and reducing the cost of subsequent modernization or implementation of new software and hardware solutions.


– System Design

At this stage, the main task is to determine the required nomenclature, the amount of equipment and software licenses, as well as other resources for the subsequent implementation of the project.


– Systems Implementation

A team of professional specialists, carries out the work in compliance with clear agreed terms and with high quality.


– Service

A regular schedule of maintenance and repairs, technical support and maintenance will provide confidence in the reliability of your IT infrastructure: your systems will work whenever needed.



Innovative solutions from INLIMITED will help you significantly improve the management of your IT infrastructure. We have been working in the market of Ukraine and neighboring countries for more than seven years and have a number of successfully implemented projects. Among our advantages: partnership with the world’s leading vendors in the class of hardware and software, as well as a staff of qualified developers and engineers with extensive experience. To find out the pre-project prices, fill out an application through the website or call us by phone. Our office is located in Kiev, and we are ready to arrange a meeting to discuss your project.