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calendar 09 October 2022
Suprema BioStation 3 – contactless authentication of the post-Covid era

What are the TOP 5 features of BioStation 3? In addition to facial recognition, QR codes, barcodes, RFID cards and mobile access are available.

calendar 05 October 2022
Technologies and data management to improve the quality of life of citizens

With the active development of the number of “smart” solutions for the city, there is a growing demand for platforms that allow you to combine various systems together and manage them according to the principle of a single window.

calendar 24 September 2022
The next generation of HPE servers with a cloud-optimized processor

The HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 Server provides an edge in certain workloads, especially cloud-based ones, while delivering predictable high performance with lower power consumption.

calendar 14 September 2022
TOP-3 market trends of security video surveillance systems

What opportunities and prospects for video surveillance systems does this year open for us?

calendar 06 September 2022
Alert systems: increasing work efficiency and security

If you are interested in receiving a full consultation on loudspeaker systems, contact INLIMITED.

calendar 24 August 2022