Dedrone: How to mitigate drone threats?

calendar28 April 2022

Drones have taken espionage to a new level. With the help of drones, attackers make video and photo captures, monitor the object, carries a load. Modern models of drones are the size of a matchbox, which makes them virtually invisible.
How can we protect ourselves and the area?

Dedrone – is a world leader in intelligent airspace security and the most reliable drone detection system. With the help of radio frequency sensors, radars and PTZ cameras, Dedrone easily identifies and locates drones, thus protecting your territory and privacy.

Key benefits:
– The range of complex antidrone systems reaches 20 km.;
– Several drones are identified simultaneously and their routes are tracked;
– Dedrone has the largest database of drones in the world, so you will immediately receive information about the manufacturer and model of the drone;
– You can create lists of friendly and prohibited drones;
– To neutralize the drone, multi-frequency interference is activated, which blocks the communication of the remote control;
– If the drone is self-propelled on a pre-selected route, – there is a failure of the satellite signal to disable automatic navigation.

To learn about all the benefits and examples of using Dedrone systems in the world, please contact INLIMITED.