A unique combination: video camera and radar in one device

Axis Communications announces the release of a new device that provides object classification by combining two powerful technologies: video surveillance and radar.

calendar 29 November 2022
Uninterrupted operation when there is no electricity

UPSs ensure stable operation and protection of computers, peripheral devices, equipment of security and video surveillance systems, networks and servers in case of overloads, short circuits, low voltage and other problems in electrical networks.

calendar 14 November 2022
We continue our partnership with HPE as Silver Hybrid Cloud Specialist

Certified specialists and pre-sale specialists of INLIMITED are always ready to provide assistance, both in choosing an HPE solution and in its subsequent installation, configuration and maintenance.

calendar 07 November 2022
Automation of business processes or video analytics is not only about security

The implementation of deep learning technologies allows video control systems to significantly expand their functionality. Video analytics becomes a reliable assistant for monitoring and managing work processes.

calendar 21 October 2022
INLIMITED celebrates 9 years since its foundation!

We are working and creating the newest future, interesting technological projects, new ideas and perspectives are waiting ahead.

calendar 09 October 2022
Suprema BioStation 3 – contactless authentication of the post-Covid era

What are the TOP 5 features of BioStation 3? In addition to facial recognition, QR codes, barcodes, RFID cards and mobile access are available.

calendar 05 October 2022