Technological solutions for cities and regions in one place

We have launched a separate site dedicated to the concept of “Safe Country”. The peculiarity of the INLIMITED concept is: combining various systems both in the city and in the region – together and managing them on the principle of a single window.

calendar 28 June 2022
Adapting to change allows the IT community to find new opportunities

Usually in summer there is a season of interesting partnership events, conferences, active business meetings with colleagues and presentations of new products. We understand that this tradition will not be fully observed this year. So…

calendar 16 June 2022
Which Russian ACS must be got rid of now?

We urge you to get rid of Russian ACS immediately. Vendors are constantly developing functional solutions for their products, and we, as integrators, create advanced projects by integrating ACS with a variety of engineering systems.

calendar 30 May 2022
De-Russification of video surveillance systems: know the enemy, use alternatives

We urge you to get rid of Russian video surveillance and analytics systems immediately.

calendar 12 May 2022
Dedrone: How to mitigate drone threats?

How can we protect ourselves and the area from espionage drones?

calendar 28 April 2022
Cybersecurity is a strategic task for business and government

In today’s reality, a single platform for information security event and risk management is needed. Micro Focus ArcSight is a world leader in SIEM systems.

calendar 21 April 2022