With GOLD status, we can install the entire Milestone Systems product range, provide service and provide customers with access to the latest vendor developments.

calendar 21 August 2020
We are at the TOP-10 of Systems Integrators of Ukraine

2019 is eventful for Inlimited. More about the experience in system integration, development and development prospects – by the link.

calendar 17 August 2020
Traffic optimization: more than smart traffic lights

Do you know how a modern smart traffic light systems work?

calendar 05 August 2020
Political media space management and control

Inlimited Policy Research – a full range of information about the political information environment. Analysis of textual and audio-visual content from open sources.

calendar 14 July 2020
Safe City: Audio Solutions

In fact, audio is a valuable element of such projects, and sometimes becomes an alternative to cameras and IoT sensors in city. Here are 3 main scenarios when audio solutions implement security tasks.

calendar 18 June 2020
Detection people with high temperature with 98,4% accuracy

The automated video analytics systems can detect a potential carriers of a viral infection, determining one of the main indicators – high temperature.

calendar 14 April 2020