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calendar 29 December 2023
Inlimited Audio Analytics: a modern solution for analyzing telephone conversations and improving sales efficiency

The telephone sales channel remains the most effective today. The average sales conversion from phone calls is about 20-30%. Scripts help managers in building important questions that can provide answers to important information for the work of other divisions of the company. Imagine that in just a few clicks you can get valuable information about the client, compare it, and highlight the topics that interest you the most right now.

calendar 13 July 2023
What does the term “Big Data” mean?

Today we will talk more about the term “Big Data”, because it is often translated literally. What it really means and where it is used, we will answer below.

calendar 22 June 2023
VEZHA Gun Detection: Artificial Intelligence stands behind the safety of people

The intelligent VEZHA Gun Detection solution can help prevent the use of firearms and cold weapons in crowded places. For all additional questions regarding VEZHA Gun Detection, ordering and product testing, please contact INLIMITED.

calendar 08 June 2023
Language analytics to help contact centers work with new challenges

What challenges does the contact center employee face and how can language analytics help? About business, processes and digital solutions.

calendar 01 June 2023
Preferential conditions for switching to Milestone XProtect

For any additional questions regarding the Milestone XProtect upgrade offer or ordering and testing Milestone Systems products, please contact INLIMITED.

calendar 26 May 2023