Audit of technical specifications and project documentation

The process of audit of technical assignments and project documentation is aimed at describing all the specific details regarding the future project, as well as developing operational documentation aimed at using both internal IT specialists and other users of the system.

The audit of technical specifications and project documentation for the creation of information and engineering infrastructures allows for the early stages:

  • select the appropriate information system for the tasks
  • determine how long it will take to debug, modify and configure it after implementation
  • to coordinate design, architectural and technological solutions
  • identify design errors
  • reduce all kinds of risks before the start of expensive works

Information Systems Audit

By analyzing the existing information systems, we evaluate their effectiveness and develop recommendations that take into account the chosen business strategy of the enterprise and the optimal use of hardware and software resources.

The implementation of the recommendations will allow:

  • accelerate customer information processes
  • protect the system from cyber threats and other external factors
  • optimize the cost of ownership of the system
  • reduce the risk of financial losses
  • become more competitive by accelerating business processes

Server Infrastructure Audit

Stable operation of the server infrastructure ensures the full functioning of the entire IT infrastructure of the enterprise. We carry out the following set of actions:

  • investigate and test hardware and software
  • determine the level of performance
  • identify problem areas
  • offer ways to eliminate shortcomings

Security System Audit

We perform a complete and independent security assessment, identifying vulnerabilities. An integrated audit approach provides an opportunity to prepare recommendations to help eliminate the “bottlenecks” in the work of the security services of enterprises and institutions.

As a part of a security audit, the following elements are checked:

  • control of access of staff and visitors to the enterprise
  • control of access mode of vehicles
  • documentation regulating regime activities
  • the possibility of unauthorized access to the premises on the site
  • the operation of technical means to ensure the safety of the facility
  • coverage of all zones in the enterprise by a security system
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