De-Russification of video surveillance systems: know the enemy, use alternatives

Russian video surveillance
calendar12 May 2022

In Ukraine, some enthusiasts created an application that recognizes Russian goods in the store, but what about the technical means? Are you confident in the reliability of your systems? Do they not transmit data to the aggressor country?

Consider Russian video surveillance systems and analytics that can be used for espionage. Among the solutions popular on the Ukrainian market of Russian origin:
– AXXON (AxxonSoft);
– ISS (SecurOS);
– EOCORTEX (Macroscope);
– VideoNet;
– Ivideon.

We urge you to get rid of Russian video surveillance and analytics systems immediately.

Our company offers a wide range of reliable solutions from Ukrainian, European and American manufacturers. We will help to quickly integrate the new video surveillance and analytics system into the existing IT infrastructure.

Contact us, do not delay – do not support the occupier!