Cybersecurity is a strategic task for business and government

calendar21 April 2022

Cyberspace is a landfill, like land, sea or air. During the month of the war, the number of cyberattacks in Ukraine tripled. The hackers attacked mainly the government and local authorities, the security and defense sector, commercial organizations, the financial sector and telecoms.

There are a number of technological solutions to ensure stable and cyber-threat-independent operation. But in today’s world, disparate cybersecurity tools are not enough, we need a single platform for managing information security events and risks.

Micro Focus ArcSight – the leader in the world market of SIEM-systems.

The key benefits:
1. Open Platform – connecting to 450+ types of data sources: servers, software, antivirus, Firewall, IPS, etc.
2. Rapid incident detection – analysis of up to 100,000 events per second, rapid recognition of known threats.
3. Rapid Response – 250+ automated incident response scenarios.
4. Economy – integration with the existing ecosystem and storage of data in a secure manner with 10:1 compression.
5. Worldwide recognition – more than 10,000 implementations in the world, compliance with the strictest standards and requirements of international regulators in the field of information security.

When it comes to detecting cyber threats, every second counts.

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