Which Russian ACS must be got rid of now?

calendar30 May 2022

We support the global initiative to abandon Russian products, including in the technological sphere. Therefore, we inform you which ACS should be abandoned today.

ACS is an important component of the security system of any facility. Modern versions of access control solutions store and process information that can be attributed to personal data. Biometrics, photographs, personal information, which may include passport data, information about the movement – all this must be under reliable protection.

Among the popular for the Ukrainian market solutions for ACS, which are of Russian origin:
– Vizit
– Iron Logic
– PERCo (PERCo-Web)
– Beward
– Sigur
– Metacom
– Tantos
– Cyfral
– TrueIP

We urge you to immediately get rid of Russian access control and management systems.

INLIMITED cooperates with Ukrainian, European and American ACS manufacturers. Vendors are constantly developing functional and design solutions for their products, and we, as integrators, create advanced projects by integrating ACS with a variety of engineering systems.

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