Access control with face recognition: terminal or camera?

Simple comparison of two popular technologies for implementing access control and management systems with face recognition.

calendar 02 April 2021
Outsourced video surveillance system: myth or reality?

Recently, the need to optimize costs forces large enterprises to outsource part of business processes – this significant savings, that allows you to focus efforts and resources on the main activity.

calendar 22 March 2021
TOP-6 tech trends 2021

Trust, cybersecurity, ecology and artificial intelligence – what unites these concepts? – Security market development trends 2021.

calendar 04 February 2021
INLIMITED Solutions on the Milestone Marketplace

Separate systems with sets of programs are a thing of the past. Customers require unique technological solutions that can be integrated into a single platform. Go to the marketplace and read more about new technologies and services.

calendar 12 January 2021
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We wish you prosperity, new perspectives and interesting proposals. We are always ready to support you in all technological initiatives!

calendar 31 December 2020
Public opinion research – as a tool for city development

Have you noticed that many people have a habit of recording everything on a smartphone and immediately add content to their social media pages?

calendar 11 December 2020