Speech Analytics

Comprehensive solution for interpretation and analysis of the natural language enhancing the efficiency of processing of multiple voice messages

Key functions

Real time speech- to- text with using the extended analytics:
  • Voice recognition
  • Classification into themes, sources, dates, geography and other customer requested information
  • Sentiment analysis
Search by the context, keywords, metadata and audio fragments
Inclusion of more useful information gained from the corporate and the publicly accessible sources
Informational enhancement of the sound content: illumination of names, places, keywords, speech duration
Flexible reporting, notification and visualization system

Purpose of use

Real time speech to text
Real time speech to text
Identification of tendencies, challenges and possibilities
Identification of tendencies, challenges and possibilities
Service quality monitoring
Service quality monitoring

The analysis results are provided in the form of

Analytic information web-panel for incoming content
Analytic information web-panel for incoming content
Reports in various formats
Reports in various formats
Audio archive of files classified according to the customer request
Audio archive of files classified according to the customer request

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