Speech analytics: employee control, customer understanding

calendar29 June 2021

Today you will not surprise anyone with the speech to text technology, analytics is more important. With in-depth expertise in Natural Language Processing, we have developed Inlimited Audio Analytics solutions for service sector and contact centers.

Inlimited Audio Analytics allows to increase the level of customer satisfaction by 20-25%, reduces the influence of the “human factor” in the process of controlling the actions of employees and helps to obtain new valuable information for business.

The solution provides opportunities:

– control of employees’ speech, by detecting key phrases, automatic detection of profanity, comparison with scripts;
– research of the quality of customer service, analysis of their preferences and needs to increase loyalty;
– identification of popular inquiries and obtaining new ideas for the formation of marketing proposals and competitive advantages.

Result – a convenient web application in the browser with information classified by speakers, dates, topics and other parameters, visual presentation of the results of automated analytics in dashboards, convenient export to the required format.

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