We did it: the intelligent system recognizes the Ukrainian language

calendar02 December 2018

Having received the support of Micro Focus (UK) and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, our company has learned artificial intelligence to understand and reproduce the Ukrainian language.

After lengthy work: compiling a list of phonemes, creating common and specialized dictionaries, learning to normalize the text and repeated exercises with audio, – Inlimited states the intellectual platform understands the Ukrainian language.

After the system has learned to recognize the Ukrainian speech and convert it into text, you can go to the analytics. Creating an audio classification (“music”, “laugh”, “advertising”, “signaling”, etc.), determining the emotional colour of the text, enrichment with metadata, implementation of the audio fragment search and by keywords, – these are examples of intelligent audio processing. Each of the functions is customized individually, according to the customer’s parameters (certain news and events, company information, brand or person).
So, our company can offer a personalized solution for detecting, analysing, comparing and preserving fragments of audio streams in more than 30 languages, including Ukrainian ones.

Monitoring advertising, identifying facts of infringement of intellectual property, simplifying the work of call centers, transcribing court hearings – there are some examples of solutions that we can already offer for you.