Audio Analytics

Speech analytics: Contact Center

Solutions for recording, speech recognition, speech to text, classification, processing and analyzing calls in the contact center

Speech Analytics: Customer Service

Solutions for recording, processing, speech to text and analysis conversations between company representatives and customers in order to ensure high-quality service at points of sale and service delivery


The speech to text solution allows you to automate the process of shorthand, creating subtitles and a draft version of meeting minutes

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Expanding opportunities - analysing audio content

The development of an innovative environment allows you to use the advantages of artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural language processing and other technologies. Audio analytics has become a new trend and is spreading to various areas of business. A high level of interest in the technology is associated with the possibility of obtaining additional information due to speech-to-text conversion, automatic classification of audio materials by topic, speaker recognition, tonality analysis, and other intelligent functions.


INLIMITED solutions

In 2018, our company created an acoustic model of the Ukrainian language. Therefore, we work with a neural network that understands more than 33 languages of the world, including Ukrainian, English, and Russian.
We offer several options for using the advantages of Speech to Text technology.


– Increasing the level of customer service
With the help of a high level of speech recognition, the function of voice identification, the detection of keywords and forbidden words, we offer to increase the number of satisfied customers and control the speech of the staff to comply with corporate ethics and safety rules. Such a solution is often used in service areas and in call centers, allowing management and company owners to receive information about customer satisfaction with service and more effectively shape staff tasks and marketing offers in general. In addition, the solution can be integrated with the CRM system, video surveillance, corporate HR systems and receive information comprehensively.


– Transcribing
Speech recognition in this solution is used to generate transcripts of meetings, focus groups, conferences and other events. After the transformation of speech to text, you can search and classify by: topics, participants, date, discussion objects, you can generate reports according to the template and automatically receive the protocol.



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