AI-powered Audio-analytics. How Can It Be Useful for You?

calendar23 September 2020

In the conditions of active digitalization, new technologies are becoming a means of improving various aspects of business activities. The development of an innovative field allows you to use the advantages of artificial intelligence, deep learning, natural language processing, and other technologies. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the advantages and implementation of audio-analytics, which has become a new trend and is spreading across various business activities.

An area of high interest in technology relates to the possibility of obtaining additional information through the conversion of audio into text, automatic classification of audio materials by topics, speaker recognition, tone analysis, and other intellectual functions.

Audio content analysis has a long history, dating back to World War I, when it was used to warn of air attacks. Today, the TOP-5 areas of this technology implementation are:
Improving the level of customer service;
Automatic stenography;
Information field monitoring;
– Identification of technical equipment malfunctions.

Let’s get acquainted with the implementation of audio-analytics in each field.

In this field, audio-analytics is used to identify certain events, such as aggression, shooting, cries for help, crying, alarm triggering, glass breaking, and more. Such solutions have already demonstrated their effectiveness in large cities of the United States, Great Britain, and Brazil. This solution can be implemented within the framework of the «Smart City» project where, with the help of technology, it is possible to adjust the system of traffic lights so that emergency vehicles with sirens can pass immediately.

Improving the level of customer service.
With the help of a high-quality speech recognition system, voice identification, classification of a conversation by topics, and the identification of key and stop words, we not only reduce the share of dissatisfied customers but also ensure compliance with corporate ethics during customer interactions. Audio analytics is often used in service industries and call centers. Such solutions provide insights into customer experiences and allow you to create content and marketing proposals more effectively.

Automatic stenography (transcribing).
Audio-analytics can automatically generate a transcript of a meeting, focus group, conference, etc. After transforming speech into text, you can search and classify it by the following parameters: topics, speakers, dates, and objects that were mentioned in the conversation. Additionally, you can create a report template and automatically receive a protocol.

Information field monitoring.
By analyzing various broadcast channels, including the Internet, audio-analytics allows you to monitor and analyze references and track the media activity of competitors. Thus, audio-analytics becomes a tool for identifying new pathways and grounds for adjusting media plans.

Identification of technical equipment malfunctions.
This is a new but promising trend. Audio-analytics allows you to identify technical problems in fastening parts and assemblies at an early stage. It allows you to avoid production downtime by proactively detecting the breakdown of critical equipment.

INLIMITED (“Novitnie Obladnania” LLC) – is a system integrator and developer of innovative solutions for various business fields. Having experience and developments in the field of audio-analytics, we offer audio solutions based on the Micro Focus IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer).

Advantages of the Micro Focus IDOL analytical platform include integration with various systems and independence from formats and data sources. Thus, solutions provide a high level of information processing regardless of their type and location. The solution can be integrated with a wide range of systems (CRM-system, video surveillance and video analytics systems, access control and management systems, security alarm systems, and others).

The audio-analytics solution is provided for more than 30 languages, including Ukrainian. INLIMITED in cooperation with the Micro Focus has developed an acoustic model and dictionaries for the Ukrainian language, which INLIMITED team is constantly improving and expanding.

We chose innovative means of development many years ago, and today, thanks to their expertise and own R&D, they are the only IDOL Portfolio Expert in Ukraine. It confirms INLIMITED’s competence in implementing solutions for intelligent analytics of corporate and public text, audio – and video data.

Learn more about the Audio-Analytics solution from INLIMITED and Micro Focus IDOL Today.