TOP-3 ways to improve the quality of service in the Contact Center

рішення для великих контактних центрів
calendar28 February 2023

Solving problems from the first call is one of the main tasks of any hotline. Every entrepreneur knows that customer satisfaction always translates into profit for the company.

The trend of recent years is the automation of all processes, because with proper configuration, it increases work productivity, customer satisfaction and reduces costs. We will give examples of how to improve the quality of service to requesters together with INLIMITED Audio Analytics.

– Automatic entry of call details into the call accounting system
The INLIMITED Audio Analytics solution not only converts the operator’s speech with the caller into text, but also forms a communication history. The request in text form and its subject are automatically added to the requester’s card, thus, the operator pays more attention to providing a qualified response to the request and shortens the call processing time.

– Automatic detection of keywords and prohibited phrases
Experienced supervisors help operators develop: they listen to call recordings, discuss with the operator what went wrong. INLIMITED Audio Analytics provides an opportunity to analyze a large volume of recordings without listening. The supervisor just needs to apply the filters:
operator scripts: “greetings”, “detection of problematic issues”, “additional offer”, etc.;
qualities of service: “apology”, “parasite words”, “forbidden phrases”, “foul language” and many others.
The supervisor will immediately see all calls where the relevant phrases were used, will be able to compare the quality of service of different operators and see problem areas.

– Determination of growth points
The assessment of customer satisfaction indicates moments of underperformance of the staff and places where service standards do not meet customer expectations. INLIMITED Audio Analytics, recognizing speech including the customer, can automatically detect calls where the requester complains about a long wait, communication problems, operator incompetence, requests to call a manager, etc.

A well-built system of working with consumers allows you to meet the expectations of the inquirer, maintain his loyalty, and avoid the spread of negative reviews.
Improve your contact center experience and increase customer satisfaction with INLIMITED.