Speech Analytics for Call Center

calendar06 October 2020

How to increase Call Center customer satisfaction by 20% and reduce application processing time to a few minutes? – Take advantage of the Inlimited solution.

Using modern natural language processing (NLP) technology, we have created a solution that allows you to quickly process incoming calls.

– The solution automatically determines the subject of the request and sends it to the appropriate department, reducing the non-core workload on staff.
– You can provide more relevant offers to customers by analyzing their needs; enrich data about them from corporate systems; to prevent the outflow of customers by identifying the share of dissatisfied clients and relevant problems.
– Analyze the work of the operator, using voice identification, to control the compliance of his actions with corporate ethics.

The solution ensures efficient work of employees and savings of labor and material resources. The operator has more opportunities to meet customer needs and improve their attitude to the company.

More information on our website: Speech Analytics