Inlimited Audio Analytics: fast call processing, excellent service

розпізнавання мови
calendar27 July 2022

During the war period, the number of calls to hotlines, reference and emergency services increased at least twice. People need prompt assistance and a quick response to their requests.

How can technology help?

For more than 5 years, we have been working with natural language processing technologies that allow us to convert speech into text and analyze it.

Let’s give TOP-5 arguments to use Inlimited Audio Analytics already now:
1. Increasing the number of analyzed appeals from dozens per month to thousands
Automatic conversion of the operator’s speech with the requester into text, collection of statistics and convenient accounting of data by topics, dates, operators, etc.

2. Everything is fixed: automatic handling of calls
Text appeals and conversation keywords are automatically added to the requester’s card, so the operator pays more attention to providing a qualified response to the request and reduces call processing time.

3.Polite operator – excellent service
Automatic detection of compliance of operators’ speech with service ethics and language scripts.

4. The decision about format is up to you
Inlimited Audio Analytics can be provided in two formats: software on demand (SaaS) and as a software and hardware complex.

5.Modern technologies are made in Ukraine
Ukrainian product, development and support team from Ukraine, we taught the system to understand the Ukrainian language and create a separate dictionary for each project for the system to understand the customer’s specific terms. You get a unique product and the confidence that we are always in touch and ready to help.

For testing and receiving detailed information about Inlimited Audio Analytics contact us.