Perimeter surveillance radar: key features

calendar18 November 2021

Previously, radar technology was used only in the military. After appreciating their advantages, manufacturers began to release new models for commercial use, and they quickly became popular. The basic principle of radar is to detect objects by registering the reflection of radio waves from them.

What are the advantages of technology?
Radars provide important information about detected objects: their location, size, speed and direction of movement.

Minimum number of false positives
When other monitoring technologies may fail, radar demonstrates independence from lighting, landscape and climate.

Confidentiality of surveillance
People cannot be identified from radar data. Therefore, it can be used in areas where cameras are prohibited in order to protect personal data.

Integration with video surveillance and analytics
This combination allows the use of artificial intelligence in creating scenarios for detecting objects and their classification: people, animals, vehicles, etc. You can also track movement and capture details by automatically zooming in on the subject.

It is difficult to determine which systems and technologies to choose to protect the perimeter?
We will offer an individual solution for timely detection of unauthorized entry into the territory and rapid response.