LoRaWAN: facts about wireless technology

calendar10 September 2021

During building integrated IoT solutions, the question of wireless long-distance data transmission often arises, but there is a solution. This is a LoRaWAN network, the main task of which is to collect and send data for processing from distributed sensors and devices. Recently, this technology is becoming increasingly popular.

What’s the secret?

The TOP 7 facts about LoRaWAN:

1. Ease of installation: the devices are battery-powered, so there is no need to run a cable to each measuring point.

2. Free Deployment: Unlicensed and Free ISM Ranges.

3. Long distances: radio technology covers up to 40 km in rural areas and up to 3 km in urban areas.

4. Energy efficiency: battery life of sensors connection up to 10+ years.

5. Geolocation does not increase energy consumption, unlike GPS.

6. High scalability and network capacity: support for thousands of connected end devices and millions of messages.

7. Security: two secure layers of security – separately for the network, separately for applications.

What are the options for using?

The technology has spread significantly in areas:

– Smart City: management of lighting, parking, water supply, etc.

– Building management: air quality monitoring, resource consumption, workplace presence control, etc.

– Agriculture: asset control, precision farming, livestock and vegetation monitoring.

– Logistics: control of cargo movement, inventory management, monitoring of warehouse equipment use, etc.

– Oil and gas, transport, industry and others.

Wondering how LoRaWAN benefits your business?
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