The Ukrainian market of video surveillance systems continues to grow

calendar29 October 2021

The Ukrainian market of video surveillance systems continues to grow, the demand for “smart” solutions and complex projects is increasing.

We took part in a survey by magazine “Сети и Бизнес” and talked about several of our projects. Market overview – https://bit.ly/30Pj64W

журнал сети и бизнес. огляд ринку відеоспостереження

Among the key trends:
1. Priority is given to complex projects
More and more customers are implementing video surveillance together with other engineering and analytical systems: ACS, burglar alarms, video analytics, etc. – such projects can only be done by experienced system integrators, whose specialists must have specialized knowledge and “system thinking”.

2. “Zoo” from the cameras – we have a solution
Quite often, customers video surveillance consists of cameras not only from different manufacturers but also generations, you can control all this, but the effectiveness of such work is questionable. In this context, there is a growing need for unification of solutions and implementation of not only modern video and audio analytics systems, but also automated control systems for audio-video streams.

3. Semiconductor shortage
A significant threat in the video surveillance market is the global shortage of microelectronic components. Integrators are forced to use non-scarce equipment and transfer part of the camera’s functionality to special software. In the long run, this threat could lead to a significant increase in the cost of cameras.

4. Interest in thermal imaging cameras
Let’s just say we are not talking about non-contact temperature measurement. An increasing number of Ukrainian companies use thermal cameras to increase the security of facilities, especially when it comes to protecting areas with limited visibility. In addition, thermal cameras are able to detect individuals without their identification, which meets the requirements of personal data protection.

5. Cloud video surveillance: to be or not to be?
Cloud video surveillance is not very popular in Ukraine yet, but this segment is being quickly mastered by small and medium-sized businesses, and, most likely, in a few years the benefits of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) will be appreciated by large corporate customers.