INLIMITED at the ceremony HPE Awards Night 2020

calendar30 August 2021

Our company develops and implements IT projects for companies in various industries and fields of activity. In 2020, we implemented a number of strategically important projects to ensure the security and smooth operation of IT infrastructures of government agencies.

INLIMITED projects are distinguished by their complexity and the use of advanced technologies and products from global vendors, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions. At the HPE Awards Night 2020, we received an award from a vendor for “Successful Work in the Public Sector”.

“Decent reward for decent work! It is always nice when the work of the team and the company as a whole is highlighted – it stimulates to multiply achievements and successfully implement new projects. Of course, the best award for us is a favourable response from the customer, and with the solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise – this is a 100% positive result”, – comments CEO Oksana Gordovenko.

We are sincerely grateful to Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Sophela for fruitful cooperation, recognition of our achievements and excellent organization of the event.

See you at HPE Awards Night 2021!