TOP-3 tips for choosing body worn cameras

Нагрудні відеокамери
calendar06 July 2021

Body worn cameras are increasingly becoming a useful addition to traditional video surveillance systems. The angle of view “on behalf” of the camera carrier in some cases allows you to provide very valuable video and audio information. The use of body worn cameras in different scenarios provides many benefits for a number of industries: from law enforcement, private security and customs services to industrial enterprises, the healthcare and transport sectors.

When choosing a solution, we advise you to pay attention to three key points:

1. Quality

Body worn cameras are always at the forefront. In all conditions: shocks, falls, extreme temperatures, bad weather, twilight – cameras must always provide high quality video and audio. Durability and reliability of the equipment are crucial for continuous operation.

2. Easy to use and design

The device is designed to be worn for long working hours. Such a camera must have the appropriate weight and size in order not to restrict movement. Moreover, it should be easy to operate, which is especially important in stressful situations for users – for example, the automatic activation of the video camera in the event of a fall.

The body worn camera must have the function of automated and secure transmission of video data, with appropriate cybersecurity policies and mechanisms to prevent forgery and compromise of recorded material.

3. Ability to integrate

The solution should be easily integrated into the existing information system. For example, the use of an open software architecture allows free integration with video management systems (VMS) and evidence management systems (EMS). This is a guarantee that the introduction of body worn cameras will expand the security system without the need for additional elements.

A clear understanding of the needs and functionality of cameras will help you choose the best solution. Contact INLIMITED to choose the best option for you!