Wisenet X-core: a new line of cameras with AI

calendar17 February 2022

Hanwha Techwin has introduced a new line of 12 cameras that support deep learning technologies. What are the benefits of the new Wisenet X-Core cameras?

– Classification
Among the objects that recognize cameras are people, faces, vehicles, and license plates. When detecting a vehicle, the camera distinguishes its types – car or truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle. The detection algorithm allows you to capture within one frame several objects at once.

– Event detection
Artificial intelligence in new IP cameras performs video analytics related to event detection. Among them are the appearance and disappearance of objects, the entry of an object into a given area and exit from it, the intersection of a virtual line, the presence of aimless walking in the frame. The direction of movement of the object is also determined.

– Business Analytics
The functionality of the cameras in the new line, allows you to build a thermal map of the room or hall, counts the people passing under the camera, detects clusters and queues. These features will help customers in doing business, especially in retail.

– Optional
A number of features work on video analytics algorithms that do not use artificial intelligence. This detection of motion and fog in the frame, camera failure, its defocusing and detection of impact on the body of camera. Also, audio analytics with sound classification is performed.

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