Top Trends in Access Control Systems

calendar20 January 2022

The ACS is an important component of the security system of any facility: office, industrial enterprise, school and government agency. Over the years, the manufacturability of systems is only growing. We offer the TOP-5 trends of ACS, which can be referred to when choosing the necessary solution.

1. Technology helps reduce the risk of COVID-19
More and more companies are returning from remote work, so it is important to ensure social distance. The ACS with the employment management function allows you to set the maximum number of visitors to the premises and limit its overcrowding.

2. Migration to the cloud
Although most end users still deploy their security systems locally, cloud deployment is becoming increasingly popular. Improved backup and reliability features, reduced server and client maintenance costs are becoming key benefits of cloud technology.

3. Open architecture and integration
Scalability, flexibility and open API architecture enhance the security of organizations by integrating ACS with burglar alarms, video analytics, building management systems and visitor accounting.

4. Smart solutions
The systems control the flow of people in all areas of the building, so this data can be used to ensure optimal lighting and heating with minimal costs and environmental impact.

5. Cybersecurity
Modern ACS is include encryption mechanisms and multifactor authentication. Typically, more than one ID is set: a card or key, a keychain or smartphone, a PIN-code or a biometric that recognizes fingerprints or the retina.