Vertica: moving to a new level of analytics – it’s easy!

calendar01 December 2021

What to do when the available BI tools can no longer cope with the ever-increasing amount of data or business tasks?
! Use the Vertica platform.

1. Analyzing data without transferring them to new systems
650 high-volume analytics features allow you to interact with Hadoop, Kafka and Spark, ODBC drivers, open APIs, support standard SQL query languages, and integrate seamlessly into existing data streams.

2. Not giving up investing in past developments
Transition to another data landscape while maintaining the existing analysis tools and taking into account the current rules of delimitation of access and corporate IS policies.

3. Processing requests faster
Due to the column structure, Vertica processes only a number of attributes, executing queries 50-1000 times faster than traditional DBMSs, which scan each column in each row.

4. Spending less on the operation and maintenance of the data warehouse
Data compression allows you to store 10-30 times more information on each of the servers than when using traditional databases. You can deploy the platform on standard servers, cloud and container environments, as well as on a regular laptop.

5. By testing Vertica on its own data
Contact INLIMITED for details on deploying the platform for your tasks.