German quality intelligent IP video solutions in INLIMITED projects

mobotix product line
calendar15 December 2021

INLIMITED is increasing its competencies in the market of video surveillance systems, that is confirmed by the status “MOBOTIX Gold Partner 2021”.

We have seen from our own experience that MOBOTIX solutions:
– Independents
Video cameras do not require recorders, can analyze data without additional workstations and third-party software.
– Multifunctional
They are used simultaneously for several tasks: security monitoring, behavior analysis and temperature screening of objects, etc.
– Reliable
Guaranteed service life – 80,000 hours or 9 years.
– Protected
Complete protection of data and video system infrastructure from hacker attacks.
– Economic
Camera models consume less than 5 watts on average and can use PoE-connections as an economical power source.

Thanks to innovative MOBOTIX technologies, our company has successfully implemented a number of complex tasks to create comprehensive and reliable video surveillance systems.

We thank the vendor for our cooperation and invite you to implement new interesting projects.