Inlimited Audio Analytics: a modern solution for analyzing telephone conversations and improving sales efficiency

calendar13 July 2023

The telephone sales channel remains the most effective today. The average sales conversion from phone calls is about 20-30%.

► Negotiation scripts are a useful tool for sales managers to help manage situations during a conversation.

► Scripts allow you to increase the probability of success in objections, and also increase the probability of concluding a successful agreement.

► Scripts can help determine whether a customer has received a solution to their query, or whether they were satisfied with the service, product or service provided.

► Scripts help managers in building important questions that will be able to provide answers to important information for the work of other divisions of the company. For example, a marketer is interested in whether the client knows about the promotion of the week, whether he uses the mobile application, whether he collects bonuses, etc. Or the logistics department is working on the development of a new order delivery system and they are interested in which service in one or another region will be more convenient for the client to receive the order. etc.

Imagine that in just a few clicks you can get valuable information about the client, compare it, and highlight the topics that interest you the most right now. This task is best handled by the use of an advanced audio analytics and natural language processing solution – Inlimited Audio Analytics.

Thanks to the solution, you can easily analyze large volumes of conversations of contact center managers, see the most common topics of your customers’ requests, complaints and reviews about a product or service in a matter of minutes. You will be able to highlight keywords and see in a convenient format what additional services your customers are interested in.
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