VEZHA Gun Detection: Artificial Intelligence stands behind the safety of people

VEZHA Gun Detection
calendar08 June 2023

Ordinary Ukrainians have more weapons every day. Before the war, there were approximately 5 million firearms in possession, both registered and illegal. Today, this number has increased many times. Such factors lead to the emergence of new technological solutions, such as the VEZHA Gun Detection video analytics module, a smart solution that can help prevent the use of firearms and cold weapons in crowded places. In seconds, the analyst finds a weapon on the video, determines its type, warns about it, including law enforcement agencies, and thus saves lives.

Having a wide database of types of firearms and melee weapons, artificial intelligence determines in a fraction of a second which weapon is present in the frame, takes a photo of the moment and instantly reports the violation to all who are necessary – responsible persons and law enforcement agencies.

Once a breach alert is sent, your security personnel and response teams will have an accurate understanding of the threat’s location with an image of the person to be apprehended. This is necessary so that the violator is isolated as soon as possible.

The intelligent VEZHA Gun Detection solution is easily integrated into any existing video surveillance camera system. It has an intuitive interface and easy management.

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