Language analytics to help contact centers work with new challenges

аналітика Сall центру
calendar01 June 2023

Experts in the field of contact centers note that the number of calls to state contact centers, hotlines, reference and emergency services has increased by at least 2 times in 2022.

The demand for information has changed dramatically, the stress factor has come to the fore, the content and context of requests has been updated, the demand for empathy has intensified, the efficiency factor has acquired new features – tact and timeliness.

Today, speech analytics solves a number of urgent business problems.

– Concentration on answers, the main feature of working in a contact center is the operator’s ability to instantly switch from one problem to another.

– With a speech analytics solution, the operator can focus on interacting with the requester and reduce call processing time, because the text request, subject and keywords of the conversation are automatically added to the customer card and he does not need to enter them manually.

– Identifying and responding to the negative experience of the questioner Many people are currently in deep emotions, feeling fear, anxiety, stress. When receiving a call to the hotline or to the reference or emergency services, it is extremely important to ensure a prompt, qualified response. Speech analytics allows you to identify conversations where the requester complains about a long wait, operator incompetence, communication problems, or requests to be transferred to another specialist. Timely detection of a misunderstanding allows you to reduce its negative impact.

– Timely detection of contact center operator burnout determines the fast pace of work and emotionally difficult conditions. The result of such intense work is often emotional burnout.

– Language analytics allows you to analyze a large volume of recordings without listening. It is enough for the supervisor to apply filters: operator scripts, prohibited phrases, profanity, etc., to see statistics for such calls and operators whose tension negatively affects communication with the requesters.

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