Preferential conditions for switching to Milestone XProtect

calendar26 May 2023

Milestone Systems, the world leader in the development of software for managing video streams, offers to take care of information security and switch from Russian software to any of the Milestone XProtect products.

! Russian video surveillance and analytics systems can be used not only for espionage, but also become the cause of cyber attacks and destructive actions against customers.

Offer from Milestone:

– A special discount on the purchase of Milestone XProtect products, which is determined individually for each project.
Conditions: project registration by the end of June 2023, project implementation by the end of 2023.

Milestone XProtect is an open video management platform that allows organizations of all sizes to combine all elements of a video surveillance system, as well as other security systems, into a single, highly efficient system. XProtect, which is compatible with a huge number of IP cameras and video recorders from different manufacturers.

For any additional questions regarding the Milestone XProtect upgrade offer or ordering and testing Milestone Systems products, please contact INLIMITED.