Speech Analytics: Customer Service

We offer INLIMITED Audio Analytics solutions for recording, processing, speech to text and analysis of conversations between company representatives and customers in order to identify opportunities improving the level of customer satisfaction, ensuring high quality of service and increasing consumer loyalty.


The solution is suitable for the service sector, where the staff is the “face” of the company and forms an impression about the entire business. In such cases, reducing reputational risks is extremely important, so the work of employees must comply with corporate norms and be subject to evaluation.


Speech analytics is becoming a powerful tool for studying consumer behavior, testing business hypotheses, monitoring staff performance and reducing costs. The implementation of speech analysis technologies provides opportunities to determine additional information about the customer’s preferences and needs, and based on this, make adjustments to the existing offer, pricing policy, stimulate sales and launch marketing promotional campaigns.

Possibilities of applying the IT solution

Improving the customer experience

Receiving new valuable information from inquiries about the company’s products and services, product merchandising, location, prices, staff work, etc.
Researching ways to improve service via analysis of verbally requests and complaints, tracking trends and patterns

Reducing the number of people dissatisfied with the service

The solution allows to control the compliance of employee speech (consultant, cashier, manager) with corporate ethics and scripts

  • language scripts: “greeting”, “receiving request/order”, “detecting problematic issues”, “additional offer”, “summarizing the conversation”, “announcing the amount”, etc.
  • qualities of service: “apology”, “parasite words”, “forbidden phrases”, “repetition”, “foul language” and many others
Sales growth of certain product categories

The solution provides opportunities to test language scripts
Monitoring the effectiveness of phrase variations, when compared with the number of deals/checks, allows to determine the most effective phrases that incline customers to the purchase of goods and services

Reducing the influence of the "human factor" in resolving controversial situations

In order to avoid controversial situations, the decision, by recording and speech to text, – forms an evidence base with facts regarding the placing of orders by the client, consultation and calculation by the employee

Identifying growth points

Statistics, classification of large data sets, advanced search, report export system and automatic notification – contribute to prompt response to events in the trading hall/department, improve employee training, conduct new marketing campaigns, improve merchandising

Key features

The creation of thematic speech dictionaries for the customer's industry contributes to the high quality of transcribing and recognition of proper names, names, names of goods and services
Speech to text conversion for further speech analysis
Speech to text conversion for further speech analysis
Definition of a set of phrases to which the solution responds, with the possibility of their further addition
Definition of key and prohibited phrases, language scripts
Definition of key and prohibited phrases, language scripts
Speech recognition of people whose voices are in the solution's database and recorded in the appropriate conditions
Voice identification of the employee
Voice identification of the employee
Classification of conversations by specific topics
Automatic detection of the subject of the appeal
Automatic detection of the subject of the appeal
Classification of the tone of the conversation according to the context: positive, neutral or negative
Determination of the emotional color of the conversation
Determination of the emotional color of the conversation
Advanced search by various parameters and content filtering system
Search and classification of audio materials
Search and classification of audio materials
A standard set of analytical indicators with the possibility of their expansion and visualization
Visualization of key indicators in analytical dashboards
Visualization of key indicators in analytical dashboards
Reports in a format convenient for the customer, automatic filling of formed templates
A system for exporting reports based on pre-created templates
A system for exporting reports based on pre-created templates
Programming alerts for quick response to events
Alert system based on pre-created events
Alert system based on pre-created events

Increasing the level of customer satisfaction with service by 20-25%

  • Speech analytics – the ability to obtain valuable data from requests that come verbally
  • Application of progressive forms of service
  • Increasing the internal standard of service
  • Automatic detection of topics of complaints and suggestions and keeping statistics on them
  • Decreasing the proportion of low-quality goods and services complained about by customers
  • Determining the share of dissatisfied customers and corresponding problems, preventing customer churn
  • Increasing the Lifetime Value indicators of customers (the profit that the company will receive from customers for the entire time of working with each of them)
  • Reducing the influence of the “human factor” in resolving controversial situations
  • Improving employee discipline, control of consumer service in the national language
  • Increasing control of compliance of staff speech – regulations and corporate ethics
  • Analytics contributes to the improvement of language scripts, the possibility of testing them and selecting the most effective
  • Employee productivity tracking, more effective construction of business tasks for personnel
  • More effective formation of marketing offers and competitive advantages
  • Receiving additional information for making effective management decisions
  • Broader possibilities of forecasting and forming a view on current and future patterns of customer behavior

IT solution formats

The solution is located on the side of the service provider, and the customers get access to the office configured for their tasks
Software as a Service
Software as a Service
The system is independent and closed from external providers, built according to the individual requirements of the customer
Hardware and software complex
Hardware and software complex

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