How to transform customer appeals and complaints into new opportunities

контроль обслуговування клієнтів
calendar12 April 2023

Customer-oriented companies differ from others in their attitude to customer feedback and handling of complaints. Appeals and complaints are a rather valuable source of information about the most diverse aspects of activity and processes of interaction with the client.
But how to fix them if they come orally?

INLIMITED Audio Analytics solution, which allows you to record, process and analyze conversations between company representatives and customers, designed specifically for the service industry. It allows you to identify popular requests about the company’s goods and services, product display, location, prices, staff work, etc.

What do we get?
– Understanding the client, constant proactive work with his needs and expectations, which allows to create a better client experience, provide individual offers.
– Reducing the share of low-quality goods and services that customers complain about.
– Identification of the share of customers dissatisfied with service and related problems, prevention of customer churn.
– Increasing the Lifetime Value indicators of clients, and therefore the growth of profit that the company will receive for the entire time of working with each client.
– Improvement of employee discipline, control of customer service in the national language.
– Increasing competitiveness and the image of a modern progressive company that implements customer-oriented service technologies.
– Wider possibilities of forecasting and forming a view on current and future patterns of customer behavior.

Of course, speech analytics is not a panacea, audio is only becoming a new source of valuable data for making informed management decisions. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?
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