Speech analytics: TOP-3 advantages for Retail

calendar22 December 2022

Do you agree with the statement that the staff is the “face of the company”?
Retail chains in Ukraine are increasingly hiring separate managers to monitor employees’ compliance with corporate regulations and speech scripts.

INLIMITED offers to automate this process and also get useful analytics for the network.

With expertise in natural language processing (NLP), we offer solutions, which allows you to record the speech of cashiers and consultants in the trading floor, convert it into text, analyze and classify it.

What does it give?
– Improving the customer experience and increasing the level of service
Explore ways to improve service through requests and complaints received by staff, identify popular ones, track trends.

– Reducing the number of dissatisfied customers with service
The solution allows you to monitor compliance of staff speech with corporate ethics and scripts. The employee can be identified by voice, as well as detect prohibited vocabulary.

– Detection of growth points
Statistics, classification of large data sets and the search function in the system contribute to obtaining additional insights: for training employees, marketing campaigns, improving merchandising.

Speech analytics is becoming a powerful tool for studying consumer behavior, testing business hypotheses, monitoring staff performance and reducing costs. Of course, speech analytics is not a panacea, audio is only becoming a new source of valuable data for making informed management decisions solutions

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