Safe City: Audio Solutions

calendar18 June 2020

There are a lot of information about technology development trends and their using in Safe City projects, but the role of audio can sometimes go unnoticed. In fact, audio is a valuable element of such projects, and sometimes becomes an alternative to cameras and IoT sensors in city.

Here are 3 main scenarios when audio solutions implement security tasks:

1. Sound detection
Many incidents are preceded by noise: shootings, broken glass, aggressive behavior, and so on. Today, analytics solutions automatically recognize predefined sounds and send notifications of possible events. The combination of audio and video can be a powerful tool for detecting, verifying the situation and providing quick action to minimize the consequences.

2. Alarm alert
Audio speakers can quickly and efficiently alert people to an emergency, such as a natural disaster. Modern systems allow you to share messages depending on the zones, so each district of the city will be able to receive its own instructions on further regime and actions.

3. Crime prevention
With the help of video surveillance you can detect a number of violations. But in many cases, the police or security take time to arrive to the crime scene. By implementing video surveillance in combination with an audio solution, you can prevent the actions of attackers by means of a pre-recorded message or real-time audio broadcast.

Our company creates comprehensive solutions that combine different technologies, event detection scenarios and hazard alerts. Contact to Inlimited Manager for details.