Information Field Monitoring

Solutions for real-time monitoring of several speech streams for instant identification of important news, information on the companies, products, brands and other particulars

Key functions
Simultaneous use of several analytical functions at a time:
  • Recognition of faces and objects
  • Voice recognition
  • Character and text recognition
  • Automatic classification of the material into the themes, plots, sources, dates, geographic places and other specified criteria
  • Sentiment analysis
Search by the context, keywords, metadata, audio and video fragments
Separation of the material into the key frames and automatic selection of the key pieces for fast view
Flexible reporting system and interactive reports updated in the real time
Purposes of use
Monitoring and analysis of mentions of subject
Auditing of the study subject media activity
Assessment of the advertising campaign results, comparison with the competitors
Search of the new possibilities of and grounds for updating the media plans
The analysis results are provided in the form of
Reports in various formats
Analytic information web-panel for incoming content monitoring
Email notification about the monitored analysis results
Video archive of files classified according to the customer request
Related news
We became the first IDOL Portfolio Expert in Ukraine
The obtained status confirms the competence of the company in the implementation of solutions for intellectual analytics of corporate and public text, audio and video data.
05 August 2019
Workshop for the National council of Television and Radio Broadcasting
Within the framework of the implementation of the project "Broadcast Monitoring", experts from Novitnie Obladnania LLC (TM Inlimited) made a meeting with representatives of the National council of Television and Radio Broadcasting in the workshop format.
29 May 2019
“CHANGING THE FUTURE with Micro Focus”
On November 6, 2018 our company held a conference on the possibilities of using the latest technologies in the areas of: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
06 November 2018
Political media space management and control
Inlimited Policy Research - a full range of information about the political information environment. Analysis of textual and audio-visual content from open sources.
14 July 2020
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