Video Analytics

Video Monitoring

Intelligent video analysis in real time, allows you to identify programmed events and provides quick response to them, due to an automated warning system

Information Field Monitoring

Solutions for real-time monitoring of several speech streams for instant identification of important news, information on the companies, products, brands and other particulars

компанія INLIMITED

Video surveillance and analytics from INLIMITED

Our company creates powerful and multifunctional solutions for video surveillance of various degrees of complexity and specificity for the client’s tasks.


INLIMITED work models:

1. Construction of a video surveillance system based on software and hardware of the best manufacturers in the world. We are engaged in the implementation of modern and complex video surveillance systems, oriented to the tasks:

– control of object and personnel security, detection of intrusions;

– traffic optimization, access and movement control;

– monitoring of technological processes, ensuring production quality, improving work productivity;

– assessment of personnel productivity, efficiency of business processes and research of customer behavior;

– other individual tasks.


2. Professional video analytics by our own development for your tasks. We use new technologies from reliable manufacturers and combine them with our own developments and offer modern analytical solutions for Ukrainian consumers. The company’s R&D team carries out research and invention activities in the specified direction, implements large-scale projects. Analytical functions that we can customize for your tasks include:

– People Detection and People Recognition;

– Demographic Analysis;

– Vehicle identification according to various parameters (LPR and more);

– Object Recognition;

– Classification and counting;

– Analysis of scenes and construction of plots.


3. Distribution of video equipment and software from global vendors. High partnership statuses with the leaders of the video surveillance market allow the company to offer cameras, related equipment and VMS from global manufacturers at affordable prices.


4. Service maintenance of existing video surveillance systems. Our company provides a full range of IT services, so we can offer an audit of the video surveillance system, warranty service and modernization.


From observation to analytics

According to historical data, the world’s first video surveillance system was created in Germany in 1942 – it was a complex of equipment and software designed for video monitoring of the situation on the territory of the object and recording of events. Therefore, the main task of installing video surveillance since ancient times is continuous control and recording of the situation in the surveillance area, as well as the ability to view recorded videos in the archive.


With the development of technologies and the emergence of the concept of “Video analytics”, the possibilities of using video surveillance have expanded significantly. If earlier, video surveillance systems in small and large companies in most cases were focused on object security, then later, more and more tasks began to focus on business processes and improving their efficiency.


Today, video analytics is called an intelligent computer vision system, it allows video monitoring and data analysis without direct human involvement. Thus, the “human factor” is reduced, and it is also possible to create scenarios for responding to certain events. For these tasks, situational video analytics includes a set of tools that enables the operator to take the necessary actions to prevent negative situations, the system configures an automatic notification to the situation center, and there is also the possibility of generating and exporting reports.



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