“CHANGING THE FUTURE with Micro Focus”

calendar06 November 2018

On November 6, 2018 our company held a conference on the possibilities of using the latest technologies in the areas of: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. The conference discussed the benefits of using the intelligent technologies in different industries in Ukraine.

Representatives of Micro Focus spoke about the functionality of automated data analysis of various formats using the intelligent IDOL platform. The topic was discussed about the possibility of processing structured and unstructured data, provided interesting cases that showed how institutions in other countries use IDOL when dealing with large amounts of data. Particularly memorable was the report of our foreign partner, a former banker and senior advisor to Micro Focus’s board of directors, who said that he had learned from his own experience that working with IDOL made it easier to manage information in both banking and legal fields. Exciting examples of using of audio-video and image processing capabilities in the security, advertising, intellectual property, call center, and other fields were provided. Attention was drawn to the fact that Machine Learning significantly reduces the processing time of these formats and automatically adds metadata to help users generate the required queries.

Leading experts of our company made prezentation about how technologies that are successfully used in the world, adapt to the Ukrainian market and gave examples of intelligent solutions already implemented by our company in Ukraine.

After the conference “CHANGING THE FUTURE with Micro Focus”, discussion of the topics continued. We were very pleased that the reports we had prepared were so interesting and discussed.

We are grateful to the conference participants who came to join our event to take useful tips and knowledge, to communicate and develop with us.

Until We Meet Again!