Political media space management and control

calendar14 July 2020

Inlimited Policy Research – a full range of information about the political information environment. The solution ensures effective communication and allows to identify new ideas and patterns for politicians and parties promotion.

Data monitoring from all open sources: it is not only news portals, online publications, official websites, but also regular playlists of TV and radio channels, YouTube video hosting.

Of course, having so much data, it’s hard to single out the basics. Therefore, we have developed a special filter system by which the user can:
– Investigate who is talking and about what, what are the current topics, political programs and slogans.
– Obtain data on the ratings of politicians and parties in terms of various sources.
– Determine the level of popularity of political and PR campaigns.
– Monitor the activities of competitors.
– Conduct a reputation audit.
– Quickly identify crisis situations and negative content.
– Identify problematic issues of the population.
– Create an optimal media plan.

The advantages are the analysis not only of textual content, but also of audio-visual content in order to identify politicians, symbols, inscriptions on the screen (OCR), direct speech of politicians and key figures.

If you are faced with the tasks described above, all you need is to contact Inlimited.