Public opinion research – as a tool for city development

calendar11 December 2020

Have you noticed that many people have a habit of recording everything on a smartphone and immediately add content to their social media pages?

We have created a solution Inlimited Media Research, which allows governments to receive such data in real life time to identify local issues and incidents, public opinion research. A feature of the solution is monitoring not only textual content, but also the analysis of audio-video (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, news portals, IP TV and radio channels and other open data sources).

Having a large amount of information, it is difficult to highlight the main thing. Therefore, we have developed a special filter system by which the user can:
– Explore popular information topics among citizens
– Promptly identify negative content or a dangerous situation in the city
– To determine the attitude to local authorities and the reaction to territorial programs and initiatives
– Investigate the expectations of residents and the problems that concern them regarding: transport, utilities, landscaping, etc.
– Monitor the effectiveness of local actions, in accordance with the level of satisfaction of residents

Moreover, communication with residents and receiving news about events in the city takes place in one system, there is a possibility to connect an application for residents – so that everyone can quickly see reliable information on their smartphone.

In 2021, it is planned to implement Inlimited Media Research in several cities of Ukraine. Join us, let’s create an innovative country together!