We offer the INLIMITED Audio Analytics solution for speech to text, which allows you to automate the shorthand process, analyze content according to various parameters, create draft versions of protocols and form subtitles. We trained the solution to recognize the Ukrainian language and create thematic dictionaries for the customer’s industry, to improve the quality of recognition of specific terms, proper names, etc.


The solution is suitable for working with large volumes of data: recordings from meetings, conferences, webinars, interviews, lectures, focus groups and any other formats of discussions. The special feature of INLIMITED Audio Analytics is not only natural language processing with high accuracy, but also audio analytics. It is the analysis of records that allows to determine the main topic, speakers, key and popular phrases, classify records according to various parameters.


Therefor, modern technologies help not only to automate the process of converting speech into text, but also to create a report, collect statistics and keep a convenient data accounting.

Possibilities of applying the IT solution

Automation of time-consuming processes and reduction of resource costs for stenography and protocol making

Automatic speech to text and recording processing with identification of the main topic and key phrases (proper titles, decisions, problematic issues, etc.)
Formation of reports and draft versions of the protocol according to predefined templates and rules. Reducing the number of errors when preparing protocols, increasing their detail

Compliance with language regulations and rules

Monitoring compliance of employees’ speech with corporate ethics. The possibility of conducting voice identification of those present for a detailed reproduction of the course of the event
Improvement of employee discipline, control of speech in national language

Collection of statistics and convenient accounting of information in one place

Creation of a Knowledge base by materials. Ability to sort materials by various parameters (date, speakers, topic, etc.), advanced search by words, context, phrases
Using materials to reproduce a picture of events and identify key issues of discussion

Using the benefits of the solution in already installed systems

The INLIMITED Audio Analytics solution has an open architecture and integrates with a wide range of systems (conference systems, video conferencing systems, video surveillance, etc.)
Therefor, integration provides an opportunity to create complex intelligent systems that automate the company’s business processes and contribute to increasing their efficiency

Reduction of costs for technical resources

The storage of text files with transcribed speech, in relation to the storage of audio and video files, provides economy of computer RAM
The ability to apply subtitles to the recording also saves resources, compared to storing the video and the text file separately

Key features

The creation of thematic speech dictionaries for the customer's industry contributes to the high quality of transcribing and recognition of proper names, names, names of goods and services
Speech to text for further speech analysis
Speech to text for further speech analysis
Definition of a set of phrases to which the solution responds, with the possibility of their further addition
Definition of key and prohibited phrases
Definition of key and prohibited phrases
Speech recognition of people whose voices are in the solution's database and recorded in the appropriate conditions
Voice identification
Voice identification
Classification of conversations by specific topics
Automatic detection of the subject of the appeal
Automatic detection of the subject of the appeal
Classification of the tone of the conversation according to the context: positive, neutral or negative
Determination of the emotional color
Determination of the emotional color
Advanced search by various parameters and content filtering system
Search and classification
Search and classification
A standard set of analytical indicators with the possibility of their expansion and visualization
Visualization of key indicators in analytical dashboards
Visualization of key indicators in analytical dashboards
Reports in a format convenient for the customer, automatic filling of formed templates
A system for exporting reports based on pre-created templates
A system for exporting reports based on pre-created templates
Programming alerts for quick response to events
Alert system based on pre-created events
Alert system based on pre-created events

An advanced audio analytics and natural language processing solution

  • Systematization of valuable information by maintaining a data archive from records, events, conferences, lectures, webinars and meetings
  • Reducing the impact of the human factor, reducing the number of errors when preparing reports, protocols, subtitles, increasing their detail
  • Reduction of time for preparation of reports, protocols, subtitles of events or recordings, respectively
  • Reduced time to familiarize yourself with the recording, compared to listening to it
  • Reducing search time for certain topics, words, titles, phrases, etc. – in text files from records
  • Compliance with language regulations of the institution due to control of communication in the national language and compliance of speech with corporate ethics
  • Reduction of expenses on technical resources , savings in long-term storage of files
  • Revision of the functional duties of employees due to partial automation of work and directing labor resources to other tasks

IT solution formats

The system is independent and closed from external providers, built according to the individual requirements of the customer
Hardware and software complex
Hardware and software complex

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