Protocol using artificial intelligence: fast, easy, affordable

перетворення аудіо в текст
calendar28 October 2022

According to statistics, it is the recorder or the secretary who takes notes that experiences the greatest load during a protocol meeting. A person seeks to cover everything, to write (or type) verbatim. Modern technologies help not only to automate the process of converting speech into text, but also to create a report, collect statistics and keep convenient records of meeting data.

INLIMITED Audio Analytics automatically converts audio video recordings from work meetings and online conferences in text format, which allows you to automate the process of stenography and creation of a draft version of the protocol. The solution is ideal for meetings, meetings, conferences, interviews, lectures and any other discussion format.

What are the solution possibilities?
– Analytics
Processing of meeting records with the definition of the main topic of the meeting and key phrases (attendees, decisions, problematic issues, etc.). Formation of reports and draft versions of the protocol according to pre-set templates and rules.

– Detailing
The possibility of voice identification of those present at the meeting for a detailed reproduction of the course of the meeting. Monitoring compliance of employee speech with corporate ethics and institution rules.

– Systematization
Sorting materials by meeting participants, topics, date, decisions, etc. Search by words and phrases, use materials to reproduce the picture of events and identify key issues of discussion.
We taught the system to understand the Ukrainian language and create thematic dictionaries for the customer’s industry, to improve the quality of recognition of specific terms, proper names, full names, etc.

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