Video Monitoring

Intelligent video analysis in real time, allows you to identify programmed events and provides quick response to them, due to an automated warning system

Key functions
Identification and recognition of faces
Demographic analysis (mood, age, sex, race)
Recognition of vehicles, license plate numbers and their types, car makes
Recognition of objects
Recognition of characters and text
Classification by the specified criteria
Object count
Clothes assessment
Color discrimination
Video Analytics and Access Control Integration System
  • 24/7 performance
  • Recording and search of all events
  • Fast search, comparison and analysis of the requisite information in the stored data
  • Detailed visualization of the work results in the dynamic interface
  • Choice of various access levels
Purposes of use
Recognition of faces and objects
Identification of alarming situations
Perimeter security
Production process monitoring
Business process optimization
Access control enhancement due to the two-factor authentication
The solution includes the following video detectors
  • Movement any motion on the video is recorded
  • Pause, the object stays immobile for a certain time
  • Crossing of the line in the chosen direction
  • Moving off motion started in the specified area
  • Cessation of motion stopping and immobility are recorded
  • Location of the object the object stays in the area for a certain period of time
  • Appearance of the object the object turns up in the certain area
  • Disappearance of the object the object vanishes in the certain area
  • Loss of video image quality
  • Count of the people or objects
  • Estimation of the speed
The analysis results are provided in the form of
Analytic information web-panel for incoming content monitoring
Reports in various formats
Video archive of files classified according to the customer request
Email notification about the monitored analysis results
Web-targeted dynamic interface with authentication
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