Technologies and data management to improve the quality of life of citizens

відео менеджмент систем
calendar24 September 2022

With the active development of the number of “smart” solutions for the city, there is a growing demand for platforms that allow you to combine various systems together and manage them according to the principle of a single window.

Different interfaces and different logic of each individual product often create significant problems for users. As a result, this leads to a loss of time, a decrease in the productivity of employees, and on the scale of the city or region, it negatively affects the quality of providing services to the population.

What capabilities and functions of platform solutions form a unified information space of the city and region?
– Monitoring the situation in real time
Visual display of events on the video wall, the presence of multi-layer maps of the area in the system, which provide navigation and control of the situation both in general and locally.

– Analytics
Receiving and processing data from cameras, devices and sensors, compatibility with analytical software of various levels.

– Automation of work processes
Event push notifications and pre-created response scenarios speed up event response and limit operator intervention.

– Centralized search
Quickly find the necessary frames, alarms, events, tags and metadata for effective investigation.

– Secure data exchange and multi-level access to the system.

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