Access control with face recognition: terminal or camera?

calendar02 April 2021

Face recognition technology has long been used in the field of access control, due to a number of advantages: it is almost impossible to counterfeit, you can not lose or break, many offers on the market. The extreme criterion complicates the choice for the consumer, so we offer a simple comparison of two popular technologies for the implementation of access control and management (ACMS) with face recognition.

Terminal device

Due to the use of the latest face recognition algorithms and powerful processors in the devices, they provide quick identification, comparing the image of a person with about 30 thousand templates per second, that is the number of users can store terminal autonomously. The devices are easy to install: they are mounted both on a wall and on any turnstile. Modern models allow you to identify faces in the range of heights from 145 to 210 cm. As for working in the dark, many models have automatic lighting, which is triggered by human movement.

The disadvantages of the terminals include their dependence on the manufacturer of ACMS. If you need to get the most automated process for face recognition (entering a photo of the employee, identification and receipt of logs), then you need to install a controller, terminal and software from the same manufacturer. Otherwise, much of the setup and integration work will have to be done manually.

CCTV system

The selection of a camera for the implementation of analytical functionality is a complex task that requires compliance with many factors, one of the main being the focal length, which determines the optimal distance to the object. For example, when the focal length of the camera is 2.8 or 3.6 mm, a person can be at a distance of up to 5 meters for the system to identify a person. Smart CCTV systems can perform a range of tasks, and face identification is only a small part of their capabilities. For example, such systems are able to automatically register new faces in the database, creating an alarm that this person has met several times in a certain place over time. This helps prevent accidents and increase safety.

The disadvantages of large video analytics systems are the complexity of implementation and relatively higher maintenance costs. After all, it is necessary to properly mount the cameras, adjust the angles, configure the network, deploy servers for analytics and more.

Which system to choose depends only on the specific task and budget. In any case, an ACMS with face recognition technology is a time-tested solution that has proven its efficiency. Contact INLIMITED – we will prepare an individual project using advanced technologies and reliable equipment.