Detection people with high temperature with 98,4% accuracy

calendar14 April 2020

Do you know that automated video analytics systems can detect a potential carriers of a viral infection, determining one of the main indicators – high temperature?

Our partner, Axis Communication, offers technology that analyzes several facial points which reflect fever and weigh them all to reach maximum accuracy of 98.4%. For comparison, analogs process human face temperature by reading the highest temperature point on the face and has a +/-5ºC gab, which significantly affects the results.

Technology can detect at a far distance; although in order to guarantee accuracy, developers recommend to analyze at a distance of 1-3 mts from the camera. Per every face detected, system will show a bounding box and the temperature. If the individual reaches the limit temperature, the bounding box will turn in red and will trigger an alarm.

Technical Details:
– Technology is compatible and runs on the edge with AXIS Q2901-e.
– Automatic activation/block access control protocols.
– The camera includes an SD Card. It gives ability to record the positive detection (individuals which exceed the temperature limit).
– Compatible VMS: AXIS Camera Station, Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, IDIS, Pelco, Ngaro.

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