We implemented “The best Axis and Milestone project in critical infrastructure”

calendar22 May 2019

May 17th was a conference “IQ Performance Day 2019”, where interesting practical security cases were considered, new innovative products and developments were presented by the vendors, a bright and informative exhibition exposition was presented.

The culmination of the conference was the awarding for the best partners of IQ Trading by the results of work in 2018 and the amazing performance “Сrazy Jourdain” by the playwright Mikhail Bulgakov. The Novitnie Obladnania LLC was awarded with rewards “The best Axis and Milestone project in critical infrastructure”.

In 2018, our company created a number of large-scale projects that are strategically important for the security of the country. In infrastructure solutions, we have been using the latest technology, including Axis equipment: the latest generation of IP and PTZ cameras, and Milestone video management software. This integration provided to customers extensive opportunities for working with intellectual video analytics and was highly appreciated by IQ Trading.

We express our sincere gratitude to our partners for praise for our work.